the all-in-one super app

Manage Your Rewards and Digital Assets In a Single App!

Unlock the future of rewards and digital assets management with StarWALLET 3.0 the all-in-one super app. Designed to completely transform the way you manage your points, redeem them, and even receive special offers in a single place. Goes beyond the rewards, StarWALLET allows you to securely manage all of your digital assets. Elevate your digital experience today and step into a new era.

StarWALLET Mobile App
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Take your Rewards Experience to the next level with StarWALLET

Complete & Integrated with the StarPOINTS rewards program, StarWALLET 3.0 elevates your rewards experience to earn, redeem, and manage your rewards easily. Say goodbye to limitations! With StarPOINTS, you can cross-redeem your points seamlessly across all participating merchants. Sign-up StarPOINTS and start racking up your rewards today!

Sunset Beyond the Rewards!

StarWALLET goes above and beyond the digital wallet and rewards program. Through the “Discover” feature, keeping you up-to-date with the latest news innovations from the tech world or even promotions, special offers, and upcoming events in one place. Additionally, now you can spread joy to those you cherish by sending rewards with the "Gift Cards" feature.

Shield Security First!

StarWALLET takes protection to the next level with advanced features by activating Two-Factor (2FA) and “Device-Connected” features. StarWALLET also incorporates One-Time Password (OTP) for more secure transactions.