“Starworks seeks to establish a Global network of entrepreneurial Affiliates”


In today’s fast-paced global business climate where the Internet dramatically changes the nature of how we work and interact with others, businesses need to be creative and dynamic in the way they respond to the challenges.

At Starworks, with more than twenty years successfully operating in the Hospitality sector, we understand the changing needs of our industry and are committed to designing and implementing the strategies you need to incorporate technology into your business to keep up with or move ahead of the competition. Whether thru state-of-the-art Internet advertising and marketing campaigns, client retention and loyalty programs, financial transactions, both operational and capital expenditure, or simply proven methods of traditional business operations, we’ve developed the Starworks Ecosystem, and its individual modules, to offer you the tools you need to progress and excel in today’s world.

Today’s marketplace is no longer bound by national borders, office desk-bound limitations, moving currency, or translating languages. Starworks Ecosystem is the answer to ensuring you can respond to this new reality, this new opportunity. By offering a wide array of solutions fostered by years of experience and a team of dedicated Blockchain technology professionals, we welcome you to find out how we can help you grow and exceed your every expectation.


The Starworks Affiliate program is aimed at promoting and implementing the Starworks Ecosystem, initially the StarOne Initiative. The Starworks Affiliate Program business model is a hybrid combining the business activities of a travel club and crypto technologies.

Our Online Marketing affiliation or referral program is an automated electronic program that involves placing the company's advertisements for its products or services on your individual website or social media platform. These ads on your website/s are linked to company websites and are referred to as affiliate links. When an online visitor clicks the affiliate link, the visitor is redirected to the advertiser's website and if the visitor makes a purchase, the affiliate is then paid a commission.

An authorized and approved Affiliate is granted options to trade STARX Tokens in tranches of one hundred thousand (100,000) units. The profit on the trade becomes income or commission to the Affiliate. Hence, this can create a part-time or secondary income or full-time business for the Starworks Affiliate.

The number of Affiliates Globally is limited and is selected by certain defined criteria. No formal qualification is necessary, no security to be provided and no funds required to be invested by the approved and authorized Starworks Affiliate; merely the desire to earn an income in this new online market space.

In the future Affiliates will be able to trade STARXS Digital Share Tokens. These Tokens are revenue sharing digitized assets representing ownership in Starworks Global Pte Ltd and/or its associated businesses and investments. The Affiliate is also issued options to acquire StarXS Tokens much like the StarX Utility Token scenario above. These at certain strike price points. These can be traded OTC on the StarMEX digital exchange by the Affiliate. The Affiliate operates as a Broker-Dealer for StarXS Tokens. Income is earned by StarXS Token holders and is deposited monthly into their Starworks E-Wallet in the form of StarX Utility Tokens.

Affiliate marketing has become a massive online industry over the past several years, emerging as an effective way for marketers to sell their products and services. At its heart, affiliate marketing is an online version of a sales structure that has been happening offline for decades. In its simplest form, it involves two simple components, a product or service to sell and an affiliate, or individual, with the willingness and ability to sell that product or service to a particular audience. Now, more than ever, with restrictions on mobility and the desire to work remotely, this type of business opportunity is gaining prominence.

Starworks Global Pte Ltd has several products and services it will make available to its affiliate network to market and sell for commissions, revenue sharing arrangements, fees, and/or profit distribution.

Secure your future today, become a Starworks Global Affiliate [email protected]