09 MAY 2024
09 May 2024


Ascension of Jesus Christ, photo by StarWORKS

The Ascension of Jesus Christ is a significant event in Christianity, marking the moment when Jesus was taken up into heaven. According to Christian theology, this event occurred 40 days after Jesus' resurrection, a day celebrated as Easter. The Ascension is detailed in the New Testament, particularly in the Acts of the Apostles and referenced in the Gospel of Mark and Luke.

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples over a span of forty days, teaching them about the kingdom of God. On the day of his ascension, Jesus led his disciples to the vicinity of Bethany. Here, he lifted his hands and blessed them, and while he was blessing them, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight. As the disciples looked on, two men dressed in white appeared and informed them that Jesus would return in the same way they had seen him go into heaven.

This event is pivotal as it signifies the conclusion of Jesus' earthly ministry and the beginning of his exalted state, sitting at the right hand of God. The Ascension is also critical for its role in establishing the church, with Jesus’ departure signifying the forthcoming arrival of the Holy Spirit, promising to guide and empower the disciples in spreading the gospel.

The Ascension is a testimony to Jesus’ divine nature and a source of hope for Christians, symbolizing Jesus' ultimate victory over death and his ongoing presence in the lives of believers through the Holy Spirit.

StarWORKS Celebrates the Ascension of Jesus Christ

In recognition of this profound event, StarWORKS celebrates the Ascension of Jesus Christ. This celebration reminds us of the everlasting hope and strength we derive from Jesus’ life, his teachings, and his ascension. As we reflect on this event, StarWORKS reaffirms its commitment to embodying the values of unity, support, and compassion in all our endeavors across the Tourism, Entertainment, and Hospitality industries.

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