23 NOVEMBER 2022
23 Nov 2022


What is STARXP, photo by Pexels

Customer rewards programs are designed to encourage customers to keep coming back to a particular brand or business. This type of rewards program has been around for a very long time and it has become pretty much obsolete in the digital world. 

The rise of blockchain technology is now making it possible for rewards programs to be even more secure and efficient. Blockchain rewards programs will change traditional and complex loyalty programs into a streamlined and simplified one. Here in StarWORKS Global, we created a blockchain-based loyalty program solution called StarPOINTS that provides digital assets in the form of STARXP points to revolutionize the conventional loyalty program. 

So you might wonder, what are StarPOINTS rewards programs and our STARXP points? Find out more here down below!

What is a Rewards Program?

What is a Rewards Program, photo by Pexels

Before we get deeper into the blockchain rewards program, first you must understand what a loyalty program is. A rewards program is a rewards program that is offered by a company to encourage customers to continue doing business with the company. Registered customers can earn points or rewards for every purchase they make, which later can be redeemed for discounts or even free merchandise.

Loyalty programs are beneficial for both business owners and customers. For business, loyalty programs can and will help increase sales, thus retaining customers. For customers, rewards programs will provide lots of benefits such as discounts and free merchandise, thus will get an incentive to stay and patronize a particular business.

What is a Blockchain Rewards Program?

Blockchain rewards programs work by tracking customer purchases by using a blockchain ledger. When a customer makes any kind of purchase, they automatically will receive a digital token that is stored on the blockchain. These tokens later can be redeemed for rewards from the company.

Because the blockchain is a public ledger, all transactions will be transparent. This means that businesses can track customer transactions and activity, and prevent fraud from happening. The blockchain itself is also immutable, customer data cannot be altered or deleted. This provides a high level of security for each data that is stored on the blockchain.

One of the examples of blockchain rewards programs is StarPOINTS that are developed by StarWORKS Global. So, what are StarPOINTS loyalty programs?

Explanation About StarPOINTS Rewards Program

StarPOINTS Rewards Program, photo by Pexels

StarWORKS Global offers a blockchain-based rewards program called StarPOINTS. This is a marketing program that enables retailers to keep track of their loyalty programs on blockchain. StarPOINTS is integrated into the StarWALLET app, which is simple to administer and use for both merchants and members.

StarWORKS Global develops points based on the tokenization process to improve customer experience by awarding StarPOINTS as valuable assets, streamlining the online and offline user experience when earning and redeeming, and creating a secure rewards point system to minimize fraud. 

Introducing our STARXP Points

Members will receive StarPOINTS as a reward in the form of STARXP points. This is a native token used within the StarWORKS Global’s rewards program. StarPOINTS are issued to members as a reward for spending their STARXP points at various merchants in the StarWORKS Global ecosystem.

Are you interested in earning digital assets as a rewards reward? You can learn and read our F.A.Q. page, here!


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