22 MAY 2024
22 May 2024


Starworks Global Pte Ltd., has announced today that its Board of Directors have determined to voluntarily delist it’s STARX Tokens from the Coinstore Exchange due to accessibility issues from many countries.

The Company has notified Coinstore accordingly with the delisting and deregistration of it’s STARX Tokens should be effective on or about Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

The delisting of the StarX Token is also part of the Company’s strategic plan to integrate its StarTREC functionality (StarTOKENS are tradeable/transferrable, redeemable, exchangeable and convertible) hence the move towards more decentralization of its trading platform providers, including CEX (centralized exchanges), DEX (decentralized exchanges) and StarMEX (Starworks over-the-counter trading platform).

Starworks is committed to delivering long-term value to all current and future StarTOKEN holders and that our near-term objective is to get listed in a top 10 CEX exchange.

The StarX Token will remain listed on the LATOKEN Exchange where existing holders can continue to manage, withdraw and trade their StarX tokens.  It is the intention to add additional exchange platforms soon, and further announcements will be made soonest.

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