23 NOVEMBER 2019
23 Nov 2019


Starworks Global Pte Ltd. is a business accelerator and technology developer operating in Singapore, Bali, Indonesia and California, USA.

Due to security breaches and the unauthorized actions of our CTO, a company executive, Starworks Global withdrew its recent StarX Token offering and ICO.

Mr Winner H Parlaungan Sitorus, Jakarta, Indonesia, employment has been terminated.

The Ethereum ERC 20 platform for the StarX Token has been upgraded using the Ethereum ERC 777 improved standard. Although the Ethereum ERC 20 Token is the template or standard for Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain, the release of the ERC 777, an advanced Token standard, is slated to solve issues associated with the ERC 20 and provide some important innovations such as the definition of a send function and authorized contract change facility. Also, allowing a contract to be improved after issue.

No StarX ERC 20 Tokens have been issued to the investor public. An upgraded StarX Token based on the Ethereum ERC 777 standard will replace our ERC 20 Token with a release in late December 2019 following a substantial testing program.

We apologize that our much anticipated launch of StarX and the related StarXS Tokens has been delayed and Starworks looks forward to the commercialization of its Starworks Ecosystem in 2020.

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