26 DECEMBER 2023
26 Dec 2023


StarWORKS Global x Aviary Bistro!

Bali, December 26th, 2023 - StarWORKS Global is thrilled to announce that we are currently partnering with Aviary Bistro in Seminyak Square, Bali, to implement the StarPOINTS reward program. Through this partnership, StarPOINTS members will be able to use their member points in Aviary Bistro and have the opportunity to earn additional rewards by making transactions.

This collaboration also marks a milestone for StarWORKS Global, as we continue to move forward and revolutionise the hospitality industry.

Aviary Bistro - Where Taste Meets Elegance

Aviary Bistro, photo by StarWORKS Global

Aviary Bistro, located in the heart of Seminyak, Bali, is a mesmerizing culinary jewel that attracts locals and tourists looking for a great dining experience. This delightful cafe seamlessly merges the exuberant essence of Bali with a hint of European sophistication, producing an appealing and sophisticated setting. You are transported into a world where lush vegetation, pleasant lighting, and the peaceful music of nature offer the backdrop for an extraordinary gourmet experience the moment you walk through its doors.

StarPOINTS Rewards Program to Revolutionise the Travel, Entertainment, and Hospitality Industry

Step into the future of rewards with StarPOINTS, a revolutionary and secure program designed to redefine the traditional rewards landscape. Developed to address various challenges, StarPOINTS sets a new standard in rewards programs.

It’s Easy to Join the StarPOINTS Rewards Program!

You can easily apply and join the StarPOINTS rewards program. Here is the easy way to join:

  • Download the StarWALLET app from the PlayStore or App Store.
  • Sign up for the StarWALLET app and fill in all of the required fields.
  • Click the link that was sent to your email to activate your StarWALLET account.
  • Your StarPOINTS rewards program will be activated and ready to use
  • Discover more about our StarPOINTS rewards program here!

Benefits of StarPOINTS Reward Programs

Starting from December 26th, 2023, customers of Aviary Bistro who apply for StarPOINTS rewards program will receive various benefits. Here are some of the benefits that members will receive.

  • Members will earn 5% cashback in the form of StarXP points by purchasing foods at Aviary Bistro.
  • Redeem StarXP points for future transactions at Aviary Bistro or other merchants within the StarWORKS ecosystem.
  • Non-expiring points. Members can keep and use their points as long as members do not terminate their membership.

If you have further questions about the StarPOINTS rewards program, you can see our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page, here!

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