19 APRIL 2024
19 Apr 2024


Vijay Sarasetti on Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference, photo by StarWORKS Global

StarWORKS recently participated in one of the most anticipated events during the The Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference on April 17th. The event was marked by the presence of our esteemed Director of Technology, Vijay Sarashetti, who took the stage at The Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference on April 17th. 

His participation not only showcased StarWORKS' commitment to innovation but also provided an opportunity to highlight the significance of real-world asset tokenization and our innovative product, StarIGT.

Vijay’s Speech Highlight

Vijay on Stage, photo by Coinstore

During his first speech, Mr. Vijay Sarashetti emphasized the crucial role of real-world asset tokenization in the digital era. He pointed out that this concept is increasingly being adopted by businesses worldwide, signaling a shift in how assets are managed and traded. 

His message was clear: tokenization is not just a trend but a transformative process that brings efficiency, transparency, and accessibility to the financial landscape.

One of the key highlights of his presentation was the introduction of StarIGT, a product that epitomizes the fusion of traditional assets with blockchain technology. StarIGT stands as a testament to StarWORKS' vision of a world where digital and physical assets coexist seamlessly, offering endless possibilities for investors and businesses alike.

Looking ahead, Mr. Sarashetti expressed optimism about the expansion of StarWORKS' influence in the market. He believes that the company is well-positioned to introduce more innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of the digital economy. Furthermore, he anticipates that the next significant breakthrough in the industry will be closely tied to the advancements in tokenization and blockchain technology.

The Conclusion

The participation of StarWORKS in the Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference Event, represented by Vijay Sarashetti, was a significant milestone for the company. 

It not only highlighted our commitment to innovation but also underscored the importance of real-world asset tokenization in shaping the future of the digital world. As we move forward, StarWORKS remains dedicated to expanding its reach and continuing to be at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

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