17 OCTOBER 2021
17 Oct 2021


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StarX IEO Update


20 October 2021


Thank you to our investors, partners and community for your ongoing support as we continue the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of STARX Token.  I would like to provide an update on not only the STARX IEO but also on important news relating to the future launch of products from within our Ecosystem into the market.

Currently we are at the early adoption stage as our StarWORKS Global community continues to grow, mainly organically via social media and the support of our partners, friends and enthusiasts. We are implementing marketing and product awareness campaigns and recently launched our first round of investor participation via an IEO on the LATOKEN exchange platform whilst also offering STARX directly through our growing Affiliate network.

It is an exciting time for our company as we move forward with both the future listing of STARX token and the commercialisation of various blockchain/technology based products & services from within our Ecosystem to stimulate and help rebuild the global tourism and hospitality industry. 

Apart from listing on the LATOKEN exchange, STARX will also provide in the near future a gateway to access our Ecosystem where it can be exchanged for other tokens that are linked directly to various products and services.  These tokens (our StarXS Series) have specific attributes that offer further value to holders/investors.  For example STARX can be exchanged for our secured income earning StarXT token which represents ownership in our exclusive online crypto based travel club StarTRAVELLER.  STARX can also be exchanged for StarXP token which is linked to our Loyalty & Reward program – StarPOINTS. 

Our “flagship” product StarTRAVELLER, was initially due to be launched end of first quarter 2022, however, product development and market testing has been completed ahead of schedule.  As a result I am pleased to announce our intentions to launch StarTRAVELLER and the associated StarXT Secured Token representing ownership of membership end of Q4 2021.  Our global launch will initiate in Australia then roll out internationally to regions including Indonesia, United Kingdom, USA and beyond.  Apart from the benefits the travel club offers, StarXT is an income earning fully secured Token, similar in return, structure and portability, to a bearer share.  With both a fixed interest payable at ten percent (10%) per annum and a quarterly dividend distribution making StarXT a true investment in one’s lifestyle.

StarTRAVELLER will afford members a raft of exclusive benefits including access to 1 million + global hotels & resorts with savings of up to 85% backed by best price guarantee, flights, cruise lines, car hire, activities/theme parks and so much more, all in one easy to navigate platform.  The number of StarXT tokens held determines the level of benefits and services available to the Token Holder and Member of the StarTRAVELLER Club. From vacations to retirement StarTRAVELLER has products and services to meet the needs and desires of our customers ensuring a fantastic lifestyle now and into the future, regardless of your finances.  Please read more about the StarWORKS Global Ecosystem, its products and services at including downloading a copy of our Whitepaper.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, StarWORKS has operated successfully for more than 20 years in Bali, a major Tourism and Hospitality destination. We are fully committed to the sector, to our investors and guests alike. We have developed a number of products and services that will not only help stimulate the industry but also grow it through guest loyalty, discounted travel and stays available to fit all budgets and expectations. 

StarWORKS Global Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore and is jointly owned by PT Taman Merah Investasi, a Hospitality operator in Bali, and NS Advisory Inc. Pte Ltd also a Singapore Investment Corporation with significant interests in the Hospitality, Banking and Insurance sectors. 

We are adopting a strategic and methodical approach in our development strategy and not rushing our products to market. They will be fully tested and tried in real time within our own businesses; we are focused on medium to long term growth, to impact the whole tourism industry positively and to create new financial and operational standards.

StarWORKS Global has elected to extend the length of time of the current IEO offering until the 24th December 2021. The current price of STARX Token will increase from the current first round price of USD0.19 price per Token to USD0.20 on 24 October 2021 and USD0.21 per Token on 24 November, We will then list on the LATOKEN exchange on 24 December 2021. This extension provides the opportunity for more investors to participate and strategically coincides with the launch of StarTRAVELLER which we believe will maximise the value proposition for all investors.

So in closing, thank you again for your continued support as we continue our journey forward to build a sustainable and profitable business to benefit our customers, merchants, partners and investors alike.




Troy Bradbury

CEO - StarWORKS Global Pte Ltd


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