18 Sep 2021


STARX Token is based on blockchain, big data and AI Technologies and will focus on the Global Tourism and Hospitality Industry 

BALI - SINGAPORE - September 21, 2021 StarWORKS Global announced its plans to launch the Initial Exchange Offering or IEO of STARX Utility Token on LATOKEN.  STARX Token is the native currency of and is issued by StarWORKS Global and has been developed based on the Ethereum Blockchain ERC 777 token standard.

StarWORKS Global is a technology company operating in the Tourism and Hospitality industry and operates under PT Starworks Technologies Indonesia located in the heart of Seminyak, Bali. We have developed an Ecosystem of products and services taking advantage of blockchain, big data, and AI technologies to help rebuild the global Tourism and Hospitality industry that has been decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic. By adopting innovative and smart technologies we believe we are creating a more sustainable future for the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Integrating blockchain technology into the Hospitality Industry via a decentralised network is a highly efficient way to process financial transactions, cross-border recruitment, reservations, marketing and promotions, and even capital procurement for development and expansion investments. Globally hotels and restaurants, pubs, and clubs, along with agents, airlines, and other tourism agencies are moving to adopt the technology.  StarWORKS believes that with its 20 years of experience in this sector that we are well-positioned to become an industry leader and benefit by being an early market adopter.

We believe blockchain technology will help rebuild and revolutionize the global Tourism and Hospitality industry offering guests and businesses a pathway to a more sustainable future.

For more information about our crypto currency ecosystem, products and services and future developments kindly open the StarWORKs Global Whitepaper, follow our website and join our community on Telegram.


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