21 NOVEMBER 2023
21 Nov 2023



After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited launch of the official website for our StarPOINTS rewards program! This momentous occasion marks the end of the wait, opening up access to our platform for everyone. Our dedicated efforts have culminated in creating a brand-new website meticulously designed to provide comprehensive insights into the intricacies of our rewards program.

Evolution of Our Business Ecosystem

This unveiling is not just a website launch; it symbolizes a fresh chapter in the evolution of our business ecosystem. The website serves as a hub for information about our program, showcasing the intricate networks and seamless integration of StarPOINTS as a distinguished product in its own right. We are optimistic that this venture into the digital realm will significantly enhance your understanding of StarPOINTS, paving the way for exciting developments in the future.

This marks the beginning of a promising journey for our program. We invite you to explore the new website, unlocking a world with rewards and captivating experiences. Join us as we embark on this exciting chapter, shaping the future of StarPOINTS together!

Take Your Rewards Experience to the Next Level

Here are some of the benefits of StarPOINTS:

  • Shop more, earn more!
    Get rewarded for every transaction you make! Earn and accumulate points every time you shop, dine, or party.
  • Redeem and manage your rewards easily.
    Seamlessly redeem your points at a wide range of merchants and track all your StarPOINTS in one app.
  • StarPOINTS never expire.
    Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of non-expiring rewards. Start earning today and enjoy the benefits for years to come!
  • Smart and secure transactions
    Experience the next level of rewards with a blockchain-based program. A secure and transparent platform uses cutting-edge technology to ensure rewards are smartly and securely managed with every transaction.

What are you waiting for? Let's elevate your rewards experience to the next level with StarPOINTS!



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