08 DECEMBER 2022
08 Dec 2022


POS Transactions, photo by Unsplash

Restaurant technologies will always evolve and change, restaurant owners need to consider each new trend and determine if it is right for them. More and more restaurants are now accepting digital assets as a new form of payment. For example, as of Jun 1, 2022 Chipotle Mexican Grill began accepting various forms of digital assets. 

Customers will use a payment provider app that will convert their digital assets into fiat money. When it’s time to pay, the app will generate barcodes and the employees will scan the barcodes. It will automatically authorize the transaction and it will deduct the sum amount of money from the customer's digital wallet.

Giant retailers such as Amazon and Walmart have already initiated various projects and pilots to integrate digital assets in their payment ecosystem. Starbucks, Burger King, Subway and even Pizza Hut are also already accepting digital assets in various countries. 

Currently there is a new trend where restaurants will collaborate with technology companies to offer a rewards program, where members of the rewards program will earn points in form digital assets as a reward for every transaction they make at the restaurant. One restaurant that offers this interesting promotion is Rosalita’s Cantina that is located in Bali.

You can Earn StarPOINTS by Eating at Rosalita’s Cantina!

Rosalita’s Cantina, photo by StarWORKS Global

Rosalita’s Cantina is a fun-filled and festive restaurant and bar concept that combines the best cuisine of a Texas Steakhouse with classic Mexican food, along with a fully stocked bar featuring Margaritas and signature cocktails. Rosalita’s Cantina is located in the heart of Seminyak, a buzzing and trendy seaside village in the southern part of Bali. It is also the first Tex Mex restaurant in Bali that is accepting StarPOINTS as a form of payment!

Since December 2022, Rosalita’s Cantina is partnering with StarWORKS Global to implement the StarPOINTS rewards program. This fantastic collaboration marks a milestone in the hospitality industry, to revolutionize and transform traditional and complex rewards programs to become more streamlined and simplified.

Customers that already become a member of StarPOINTS rewards program also will receive rewards up to 7% cashback for every food and beverage transaction at Rosalita’s Cantina (before tax and service charge), in the form of STARXP points. 

What are StarPOINTS Rewards Programs?

StarPOINTS rewards program, photo by Unsplash

StarPOINTS is a blockchain-based rewards program that is developed by StarWORKS Global. Members of StarPOINTS will receive rewards in the form of STARXP points for each transaction at any merchant within the StarWORKS ecosystem. 

StarWORKS Global develops points based on the tokenization process to improve customer experience by awarding StarPOINTS as valuable assets, streamlining the online and offline user experience when earning and redeeming, and creating a secure rewards point system to minimize fraud.

Find out more about the StarPOINTS rewards program, here!

How to Earn StarPOINTS at Rosalita’s Cantina?

Earning Digital Assets, photo by Unsplash

As mentioned on above, everytime you make a purchase of food and beverages at Rosalita’s Cantina, members of StarPOINTS rewards program will receive rewards up to 7% cashback in the form of STARXP points. So, how to obtain this fantastic reward? Here is the easy way for you.

  • Before earning STARXP points, you must apply for the StarPOINTS rewards program. Download the StarWALLET app from the PlayStore or App Store. You can also register using our web-based StarWALLET application.
  • Register on your StarWALLET app by filling in all of the required fields.
  • Click the link that was sent to your email to activate your StarWALLET account.
  • Open the StarWALLET app, go to the “Rewards” menu, select Rosalita’s Cantina from the menu and you will receive your generated Member ID or QR Code.
  • Your StarPOINTS rewards program will be activated and ready to use.
  • Make purchases of food and beverages at Rosalita’s Cantina.
  • Inform the servant and/or cashier that you have StarWALLET app and would like to receive rewards from the food and beverage purchases.
  • Open the StarWALLET app, go to the “Rewards” menu, select Rosalita’s Cantina from the menu. Show your generated Member ID or QR Code to the cashier.
  • Cashier will input your Member ID or scan your QR Code using the POS machine.
  • You will receive cashback in the form of STARXP points that are stored in your StarWALLET app.

That’s the easy way for you to earn StarPOINTS in the form of STARXP points by eating at Rosalita’s Cantina Bali. If you have any questions about the StarPOINTS rewards program, you can check our page, here!

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