STARX token is a utility token which is the native currency of the StarWORKS Ecosystem and has been developed on the Ethereum Blockchain token standard ERC 777. The STARX was launched on the LATOKEN exchange via an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on September 21, 2021.  This allows token holders to trade, exchange with other coins or tokens and offer the ability to cash out.  In 2019, StarWORKS issued 1,000,000,000 STARX tokens with smart contract address 0xC4e8A9D47000Ab8E59c7031e311762c68215e467.  There are approximately 125,000,000 STARX tokens held by individuals and corporate investors at present.


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Why should I buy STARX Token??

We create value and opportunities for ROI.  Here’s what makes us different:


Executed and Ongoing Projects

CRYPTOBURGER is StarWORKS Globals’ first campaign to collaborate with Red Ruby in a brand partnership. CRYPTOBURGER in collaboration with Red Ruby is a unique concept which allows customers to earn 100 STARX with every burger purchased. StarTRAVELLER is an exclusive membership only travel club that allows for a one stop booking platform for travel, hotel, resort, accommodation , flights, holiday activities and so much more - all backed by a best price guarantee.


Value for STARX Subscribers

Cross Border Transfer Fees -  this is where tourists are charged a double conversion fee given their local currency is not accepted at the destination country. StarWORKS makes it easy for travelers with digital money to travel around the world and convert to local currency, minimizing fees whilst offering unlimited money transfers. Our STARX token helps us to control costs, create growth opportunities and expand our service offering.

Loyalty & Rewards Points System - is an additional offering that gives our customers more value for money when enjoying hospitality services and products from within our Ecosystem.  Our rewards points have no expiry date, can be exchanged for a diverse range of products and  services, can be converted to other cryptocurrencies and can even be exchanged for fiat money.

Hospitality Services and Products -  by integrating blockchain technology throughout our Ecosystem of products and service,  we offer real value and convenience to our customers and merchants alike. For example,  an integrated booking system that will allow viewing of real-time availability for hotel rooms and facilities, management of customer enquiries, orders and cancellations and refunds of claims that can be processed through smart contracts.

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic - is a reality that we have to face and one that has had a big impact on the Tourism & Hospitality industry.  Our offering will help rebuild the tourism & hospitality industry and create substantially more value for customers when global tourism eventually returns.     

The Team

StarWORKS Global and its member entities are managed by a passionate team of industry professionals who take initiative, encourage innovation and share a vision for the future growth of our company.  We attract and retain talented, highly motivated employees and affiliate partners by providing them with the opportunity to further develop skills, achieve success and reap the rewards.

Where can I buy STARX Token?

Subscriptions for STARX can be purchased on the LATOKEN global exchange or directly from StarWORKS  by emailing [email protected].     

How can i buy STARX?


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Where can I store STARX Token?

You need a place to securely store your cryptocurrencies. You can use the exchange wallet where you bought STARX or  StarWALLET as a safe place to store.

When choosing a crypto wallet for your STARX, first take some time to think about what you plan to do with your tokens in order to find a wallet that fits your needs.